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Dr. David Lipsitz, MD, FACS, is the founder of CliniSpan Health, a privately held company, which integrates clinical trial recruitment/retention and nonprofit organizational support. Dr. Lipsitz recognizes that America’s absurd health care costs are due, in part, to the excessive expenses associated with the clinical research and development of new drugs. These escalating costs continue to have negative consequences on society, economic development and world health overall.

Clinical trials are an essential component in the process of developing new drugs, and unfortunately, the costs of these trials are continuously rising. Oftentimes, pharmaceutical companies struggle to find patients to participate in their clinical trials which causes the length of these studies to be unnecessarily prolonged, and in result, drives up the cost of these trials. Since these spectacular costs for clinical trials are adversely affecting population-health as a whole, attention must be focused on how society can work together to reduce clinical trial costs and improve access. Dr. Lipsitz has worked to address this problem and has found an answer, and that answer is CliniSpan Health.

CliniSpan Health works to involve the community in the process of clinical trial education and patient recruitment. We do this by connecting Pharmaceutical companies and Clinical Research Organizations with various nonprofit organizations and use these nonprofits as the primary recruitment tool. Nonprofits are able to use the CliniSpan Health platform to fundraise for their organization which re-commits money back into the community. When CliniSpan Health joins these entities together, it allows the Clinical Research Organizations and Pharmaceutical companies to educate and recruit potential patients for specific clinical trials by contacting individuals through a nonprofit organization’s email database. While doing this, CliniSpan Health always maintains the privacy of the nonprofit organization’s database of supporters. CliniSpan Health’s Community Program offers nonprofit organizations a unique opportunity to fundraise for their cause while improving clinical trial education and enrollment at the same time.

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