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Why Clinispan?

Maintain Privacy

No one (including us) ever finds out who is on your email list.

Reinforce Your Brand Identity

None of CliniSpan’s information shows up on the emails that you send about clinical trials. We work in a support role to help you raise money and awareness.

Help Others

Your nonprofit can help your community and supporters find out about important clinical trials near them.

Fundraise Efficiently For Your NonProfit

  • Raise $5,000, $10,000, $20,000 or more!
  • Open to all nonprofits (doesn’t need to be health-related)
  • There is no cost, obligation, or grant proposal
  • Your organization keeps complete control of the list and email access – CSH never finds out who is on the list
  • The email identifies as a fundraising effort for your organization, and contains a brief overview of the importance of that clinical trial to public health

Your NPO has two different opportunities to make money through CliniSpan Health:

  • Opportunity #1: The NPO organization is paid by how many emails it has sent out with the educational piece about the clinical trial
  • Opportunity #2: On the email, if a recipient clicks“ Do I Qualify?” and ends up at a local screening appointment for the clinical study, a larger amount will be donated to the nonprofit organization

By partnering with CliniSpan Health, your nonprofit can raise money for your organization, while contributing to the discovery of life-saving medical treatments.

Clinispan Health strives to lower healthcare costs and improve access for everyone. Our fundraising platform enables pharmaceutical companies to donate their big dollars to your local nonprofits.

Please contact us with any questions!


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