Our goal at CliniSpan Health is to lend a hand and give back to communities by acting as a fundraiser for various nonprofit organizations. Although we aim to serve nonprofits across the nation, our mission begins here in our hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. In Charlotte, and in thousands of other cities, the nonprofit community is ever-growing and needs ongoing support. And fortunately, our city has SHARE Charlotte to help do this.

Before SHARE Charlotte, there was not one place to easily connect ready and willing neighbors to the Charlotte nonprofit community, but in December of 2012 something changed. Thankfully, Kelly Brooks recognized our city’s need, and through that need, she founded SHARE Charlotte. Today SHARE Charlotte partners with more than 400 nonprofit organizations that serve Mecklenburg County, providing our community with thousands of ways to give back. When SHARE Charlotte launched almost six years ago, only 87 nonprofit partners were on board, but today, they have captured a majority of Charlotte’s nonprofit community. New nonprofits are forming every year, and SHARE Charlotte welcomes them all.

So, what does SHARE Charlotte really do?

SHARE Charlotte offers the opportunity for neighbors, nonprofits and businesses to come together through good! To better understand exactly how they’re sharing the good in our community, we interviewed Melissa Hovey, the Marketing Director and Campaign Manager at SHARE Charlotte. First, we asked Melissa to explain, in a nutshell, what SHARE Charlotte does, and she gave an interesting pitch. “SHARE Charlotte is a one-stop shop to connect the community to our local nonprofits.” But what exactly does that mean?

SHARE Charlotte believes that doing good and investing in our community should be fun, easy and something everyone can do. Therefore, SHARE Charlotte aims to be the resource for individuals who are searching for ways to get involved in the community. Their website, sharecharlotte.org, is an incredibly valuable resource. The site is a super easy search engine that allows users to find nonprofit organizations based on who they serve, causes they support or even keyword searches, so they can learn about, volunteer for, or make financial contributions. Another way SHARE Charlotte does good is by providing their nonprofit partners with support they need, offering them marketing resources, workshops and opportunities to collaborate with their peers. That’s a win-win! A snapshot from their website is provided below.

How is SHARE Charlotte SHARING the good?

Because SHARE Charlotte partners with so many local nonprofits, Melissa told us it is impossible to share all the good each organization by tackling them one by one. That’s why SHARE Charlotte created their “Spotlight Series,” a blog that explores important themes and issues in our community that multiple nonprofits support. This allows SHARE Charlotte a chance to highlight the good that individual nonprofits are doing while tying it into a bigger picture. The Spotlight Series is meaningful, and it helps the community grasp what each nonprofit does with the goal of inspiring people to get involved. CliniSpan Health loves how the Spotlight Series connects the community and so many nonprofit organization together.

That’s why CliniSpan Health is proud to sponsor August’s Spotlight
content theme about access to healthcare.

Melissa shared with us that nonprofits don’t always have the time or resources necessary to promote themselves, so SHARE Charlotte is a free-resource which is there to help with that 24/7. On sharecharlotte.org, each nonprofit has their own profile where they provide a cliff-notes version of who they are, what they do, and how Charlotte can support them. Aside from their website and the SHARE Spotlight Series, SHARE Charlotte also markets for nonprofits by creating gigantic conversations in the community around three essential campaigns. Their signature annual campaigns include #GivingTuesdayCLT, SummerSHARE and DO GOOD Week. The purpose of these campaigns is to rally the entire community around the needs of our nonprofits and encourage giving. You can learn more about each campaign and their past results by visiting SHARE Charlotte’s website or Facebook page.

The passionate team at SHARE Charlotte is determined to celebrate and shine a light on the good in every event, every campaign and everything they do. When the community seems to focus on the negative aspects of our city, SHARE Charlotte’s spirit is there to remind us that our local nonprofits are doing so much amazing work. It is this spirit that speaks to people and encourages our neighbors to keep getting involved. SHARE Charlotte’s team is driven by the quote “a rising tide lifts all boats,” and by bringing the nonprofits together, SHARE Charlotte hopes to inspire that tide. They believe the stronger our nonprofit community is, the stronger our beloved city is as a whole. That’s why SHARE Charlotte strives to give strength to this community by bringing everyone together through good!

Written by Madeline Robinson
Revised by Amy Jacobs


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