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Millions of dollars are put into each clinical study on recruitment strategies: Big data searches, mailings, print advertising, radio, television, emails, Facebook, etc . So much money for so few and delayed results.

CliniSpan Health connects Clinical Research Organizations (CRO’s) to various nonprofit organizations enabling these organizations to educate and recruit potential patients about specific clinical trials through that organizations’ email database.

According to the National Institutes of Health, 75% of all clinical research patient recruitment sites fail to meet enrolment goals. 27% of these clinical research sites fail to enroll even one patient. The cost of initiating these failed sites and wasted advertising money contribute to the inflated cost of drug development. keeps track of the total number of clinical trials registered through the FDA. As of January 2018 the current number of trials is 264, 949. 80% of this total represents interventional studies (ie a drug or device). 45,949 are listed as actively recruiting patients. While there may be occasional errors in the data, overall all studies are required to register with this database and report results.

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