How More Efficient Clinical Trials Can Make for More Affordable Healthcare
Contributed by: CliniSpan Health

It is imperative for our society to work together in order to make healthcare more accessible for every citizen from any background. For all of us to achieve equal access to healthcare, the outrageous costs must go down!

Our healthcare prices are directly related to the substantial cost of clinical trials. A clinical trial is a well-defined, well-monitored, and controlled test for a medical treatment. Trials are used to assess the effectiveness, side effects, and potential applications of medications, procedures, and other treatment approaches. Clinical trials are essential for healthcare advances and for discovering life-saving medicines and treatments for those who desperately need them. But why are clinical trials so expensive?

Year after year, billions of dollars are thrown away by pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations due to the struggles associated with recruiting people for clinical trials. What if there was a way to use this money more efficiently while helping improve communities at the same time?

Just imagine the mountains that could be moved and the lives that could be changed if this type of money was given back to nonprofit organizations. We CAN move those mountains, and we CAN improve clinical trial efficiency if only we work together.

CliniSpan Health makes it possible! At CliniSpan Health, our mission is to bring down healthcare costs and develop communities by increasing enrollment in clinical trials and supporting nonprofits through our fundraising platform.

Research organizations often struggle to find patients to participate in their studies. As a result, trials are delayed or even completely shut down. Because of this, the cost of trials skyrockets, making our country’s healthcare even PRICER. But if clinical trials are so important and can help so many people, why isn’t anyone participating? This is because pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations continue to use recruitment agencies and advertising campaigns that are inefficient and simply aren’t working. Let’s be honest, when is the last time you’ve seen or heard an advertisement for a clinical trial?

CliniSpan Health wants to and CAN change this. We believe it is absolutely imperative to raise awareness for clinical trials, and we encourage the community to DO GOOD by getting involved. If more people were aware and willing to participate, clinical trials could be completed in a much smaller time frame with a significantly lower price tag. If this were the case, healthcare prices would decrease, and more citizen would have access. So, how can CliniSpan Health do this while giving back to nonprofit organizations at the same time?

With the help of the nonprofit community, CliniSpan Health has the ability to make millions of people aware of clinical trials. But this isn’t a one-way street. If nonprofits can help us, then we go above and beyond to help nonprofits! We offer a unique fundraising opportunity that can exceed organizations’ fundraising goals.

Here’s how it works:

  • A nonprofit signs up on our free website and chooses from a list of clinical trials in which they can help accelerate enrollment by making their supporting members aware. Once the nonprofit chooses a trial to advertise, the fundraising campaign has begun.
  • Next, the organization will send out an email to their supporters packed with information regarding the specific trial they chose, and it will also explain the fundraising opportunity.
  • If the recipient is interested in helping fundraise for the organization and wants to participate in the clinical trial, they click “Get More Information.” From here, they are directed to a page where they can learn more about the trial and can sign up for a free screening appointment.
  • Lastly, the nonprofit organization receives a donation from CliniSpan Health for each supporter that screened for the clinical trial. ($5,000, $10,000, $20,000, etc.).
  • When a nonprofit utilizes CliniSpan Health’s fundraising platform, not only can they raise money and awareness for their own cause, but they also contribute to finding vital medical treatments and improving healthcare as a whole.

In this way, our platform isn’t just a win for the nonprofit community- it’s a win for clinical research as pharmaceutical companies and research organizations are able to recruit more patients faster while less time and money is spent on the trial process.

Improving access to healthcare within our community is a social effort and CAN be done if we all work together. Help us help you by leveraging our fundraising platform and coming together to bridge the gap between the healthcare people receive and the healthcare people deserve.


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