to clinical trials while investing in nonprofits.

What We Do

CliniSpan Health involves the community in the process of patient recruitment by connecting nonprofits with Pharmaceutical companies and Clinical Research Organizations.

By leveraging nonprofit communities, we can improve diversity and reduce friction in the patient recruitment process while providing NPO members access to innovative trials.

Who We Are

While working as a surgeon and clinical researcher, David Lipsitz observed rising drug costs, a lack of diversity in clinical trial patients, and CROs struggling to recruit patients. To address all three, he founded CliniSpan Health software.

Interested in a Clinical Trial?

Now more than ever, it is important that we ALL be involved in helping develop new medications. Let’s all do our part, get involved and spread the word on new clinical trials. If you or someone you know is interested in getting more information, please click below. There is never any cost and there is often compensation for time, travel, etc.
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Clinical Research Organizations

Whether you are an FSP for recruitment or have the whole project, CliniSpan Health can help you achieve benchmarking goals. Through community involvement, we streamline the recruitment process and help you cut out unnecessary marketing costs.
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Pharma Companies

The cost of developing drugs has skyrocketed, but CliniSpan Health can help you save money while meeting your benchmarking goals for recruitment and retention.
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